Mariana Lobão (b. 1991, Portugal) lives and works.

Recent Projects & Presentations
2020 Nobody Remembers a Shapeshifter, publication (coming soon)
2019 Are Clothes Modern?, facsimile (printing soon)
2019 Carrier Collection, exhibition at Boemerang Arnhem
2019 Nobody Remembers a Shapeshifter (WT Modeshow), exhibition project in Amsterdam
2019 Reading of ‘Soap is a Type of Stone’ at the book launch of Octopus of Offshoots at Kunstverein Amsterdam
2019 Nonoki, workshop & exhibition at Museo del Chopo México City
2018 Boiling Room for Hot Reading group presentation at NYABF with Werkplaats Typografie
2018 As Nostalgia Meets Time Pressure (WT EOTYS), exhibition at Mediamatic Amsterdam
2018 The Opening & Closing Reception , presentation at Sitterwerk, St. Gallen
2018 Sitterwerk Library, residency project in St. Gallen
2017 Project presentation at Print Room Rotterdam with ‘Fruits of Fraud’
2017 Fruits of Fraud group presentation at NYABF with Werkplaats Typografie
2017 Malware, tech-wearable collection with Eurico Sá Fernandes and Rachel-Rose O'Leary
2017 Liquid Gallery, curatorial platform with Eurico Sá Fernandes
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